The Kansas City Star: Hawley… is Unapologetic for His Role in Bringing Us to That Shameful Day

On the second anniversary of the January 6 attacks on the U.S. Capitol, The Kansas City Star reminded Missourians that Senator Josh Hawley lied to the nation – and in doing so created a national profile:

For the good of the nation… Josh Hawley… should come clean about one thing: [He] should apologize to every honest Republican voter for not telling them the truth about the leader of [his] party. That he lied to them directly about subjects big and small throughout his presidency, and that [he] defended and deflected those lies for short-sighted political advantage.

Kansas City Star Editorial Board, January 6, 2023

Josh Hawley lied to us to prop up his own celebrity and political pursuits. And when it came time to face the consequences, he ran away like a coward. We’re here to hold him accountable.

Read the full story by the Kansas City Star Editorial Board here.

Posted January 6, 2023