Progress MO on KMOV: Legislative Priorities Don’t Line Up With Parson’s Proposed Agenda

Wednesday night, Progress MO spokesperson Kelli Kee went on KMOV in St. Louis to talk about Governor Mike Parson’s State of the State – and how little the legislature’s priorities seem to line up with his agenda.

While Governor Parson finally agreed to acknowledge our depressing maternal mortality rates, the abysmal state of our schools and childcare centers, and bleak pay and recruitment for state employees, it seems like the legislature isn’t on board to make any changes.

The first full week of session, the House majority focused on culture wars in our schools and forcing women to wear jackets – issues that didn’t come up in Parson’s agenda.

Watch the full segment below:

Missourians need action but Governor Parson and MO Legislature not aligned on critical issues.

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Posted January 19, 2023