Under The Dome: They’re Back At It

Session is back, the Senate prioritized Missourians over politics for less than 24 hours

Under the Dome graphic with Missouri State Capitol Dome in background

Welcome back to Under the Dome, your weekly update on the goings-on of the Missouri state legislature.

Session Is Back, And Politicians Are Coming For Your Rights

The 2024 legislative session officially kicked off at noon on Wednesday, and the Jeff City politicians were armed with all sorts of legislation that would screw over working families. Legislators plan to introduce bills that would end majority rule, expand voucher programs that defund neighborhood schools, bring back “right-to-work”, and restrict abortion access.

To read more about some of the legislature’s proposals for 2024, read The Missouri Legislature Is So Back – And They’re Ready To Make Missouri Worse.

Senate Swore To Prioritize Missourians Over Political Games, Broke Their Promise After Less Than 24 Hours

In the lead up to session, people expressed concern that during an election year, politicians would prioritize getting their soundbite over doing the best work for Missourians. When the Senate gaveled in at noon on Wednesday, Senate President Caleb Rowden urged his colleagues to focus on the work over their own personal political careers.

But on Thursday, less than an hour into the day, the Senate adjourned over fears that personal attacks would keep any work from getting done. We’ve got about 5 months left of this, folks – buckle up.