Sen. Hawley’s Record On Veterans: Voting Against Healthcare, Jobs, Housing, And More

Progress MO

Senator Josh Hawley is up for reelection for the first time since he joined the United States Senate, and he should be nervous. He’s going to have to stand behind his record on veterans.

As the race heats up, Hawley’s trying to convince us he’s worked for veterans. So let’s take a walk down memory lane and remind ourselves where Josh Hawley really stands.

Hawley Voted Against Treatment For Veteran Burn Pit Victims

Just last year, Hawley voted down a bill that would provide medical treatment to veterans who were victims to toxic burn pits overseas. 

Open-air burn pits are large areas of land where the military burns all sorts of waste, including plastics, rubber, human waste, and toxic chemicals. Veterans exposed to burn pits can wind up with any number of medical conditions, including asthma, chronic sinus and throat conditions, and more than 14 types of cancer.

Hawley Held Up Funds For Veterans Affairs

In 2021, Hawley delayed a vote to continue funding the department of Veterans Affairs, which would have caused furloughs and reduced services for veterans across the country. 

Over 400,000 Missourians and their families could be affected if the VA had to reduce services. The VA offers vital services in varying facets of veterans’ lives – medical care and prescription drugs, home loans, education and training, job preparedness and employment, and so much more. Without these services, veterans could face unemployment, a lack of health care, and homelessness.

Hawley’s Record Is Black And White – Don’t Let Him Convince You Otherwise

Our veterans do not deserve to be used as political pawns. They’ve risked their lives to uphold the same democracy Hawley tried to destroy. Hawley should use his power in the Senate to stand up for our veterans.

Posted March 16, 2023