Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft – Who’s In Charge Of MO Elections – Doesn’t Have A Plan For Missouri Election Security

Progress MO

Only days before the Missouri State legislature left Jefferson City for Spring Break, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft left the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), an interstate group that works to prevent voter fraud.

ERIC helps states maintain accurate voter rolls by keeping people who can no longer vote off state’s voter list. It also prosecutes people who vote in multiple states.

But Ashcroft seems to believe baseless conspiracy theories peddled by extremists who believe that Donald Trump won the 2020 election. Other state leaders who have pulled their states out of ERIC have alleged that the organization is funded by George Soros (it isn’t) and shares data with “liberal groups” (it doesn’t)

Ashcroft’s issue with the organization? They help register people to vote.

Ashcroft withdrew Missouri from ERIC – making our elections less secure — all because he wants fewer people to have access to the ballot box.

Why would an elected official want fewer people to vote?

And to make matters worse, Ashcroft – whose job is to help run Missouri elections – has come up with no solution for ERIC, in the short-term or the long-term. This makes our elections less secure, with some experts saying it will make double voting more likely in Missouri.

Ashcroft’s job is to secure Missouri elections. He should prove he knows how to do that before he eyes the Governor’s mansion.

Posted March 17, 2023