Bring The Hammer Down On Plocher

Dean Plocher raises the speaker gavel above his head.
Tim Bommel/Missouri House Communications

House Ethics Committee MUST Investigate Speaker Dean Plocher For His Repeated Violations of the Law

On September 22, reports by the Missouri Independent revealed that Speaker of the Missouri House Dean Plocher, a Republican representative from Des Peres, had committed “unethical and perhaps unlawful conduct” in seeking an expensive government contract that could benefit elected officials running for office.

A few weeks later, as insiders speculated that an FBI investigation of Plocher was underway, Plocher officially announced his run for Lieutenant Governor.

Missourians were still reeling from an elected official and statewide political candidate breaking the law when the Missouri Independent published another devastating report revealing that Plocher had broken the law multiple times.

New Report Shows Plocher Used Campaign Funds To Pay For Travel, Lied About It, And Got The State To Reimburse His Campaign

According to the Missouri Independent, 

On at least nine occasions since 2018, Plocher spent campaign money [on travel expenses] and then also sought reimbursement from the legislature…

In each instance, Plocher was required to sign a sworn statement declaring that he had used “personal funds” to pay the expenses.  

Campaign and legal experts interviewed by The Independent say an elected official is allowed to use campaign money for official business. Or, they can use personal money and then request reimbursement from the state. 

But doing both could violate state and federal law. 

Plocher took money from Missouri taxpayers to reimburse his campaign and lied about it. And it may have broken several laws.

Tell Your Legislators – Plocher Is No Longer Fit For Office

Since the latest allegations against Speaker Plocher came to light, more than 150 Missourians have called for an immediate investigation into Plocher’s actions. Some politicians have even called for Plocher’s resignation.

We can work together to get the legislature to investigate Plocher’s illegal activity, force him to resign as Representative and Speaker, and withdraw from his run for Lieutenant Governor.

Write a letter to your legislator now telling them you want to see Plocher investigated and out of office!