Missourians Feel The Effects Of Climate Change – It’s Not Just The Weather

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Missouri Sets Records This Summer With Heatwave

In case you haven’t had time to step outside in the past three months, Missouri is setting records this summer with historic high temperatures. It’s hot – and August is probably just going to be worse.

Climate change has increased the average temperatures in Missouri, leading to more extreme and frequent severe weather events like droughts, tornadoes and floods.

Farmers Bear The Brunt Of Climate Change

This month, more than 94% of the state is experiencing drought conditions, which stunt plant growth and delay planting. Farmers across the state are feeling the effects.

“With hay production down, that cuts into my income,” said Mark Nash, a farmer in Strafford who raises cattle and wraps hay to cover equipment costs. “We’ve had a few timely rains, but some of the hay we’ve wrapped has been high in nitrates, so we may not be able to salvage it as feed. And this isn’t covered by the crop insurance programs.”

… But The Rest Of Us Will Feel The Economic Effects

Missouri farmers bring in nearly $100 billion in revenue every year. They feed families in Missouri and around America – Missouri is the third largest cattle producer in the country. And Missouri farms employ nearly half a million Missourians. Our farmers make us strong, and we need to do everything we can to keep them afloat.

What Are Politicians Doing About It?

Climate change affects all of us – threatening our safety, our livelihoods, and our fun summer plans. So what are politicians doing about it?

Missouri politicians have fought tooth and nail to not address climate change. They’ve sued the Environmental Protection Agency, blocked the state from investing in green energy and prevented cities from taking action on climate change.

Stand With Missouri Farmers – Tell Your Representatives To Fight Climate Change

Farmers don’t want to abandon their livelihoods – they want to be part of the solution to climate change so Missouri can continue to thrive for years to come.

Stand with Missouri farmers – sign our petition and tell your representatives to fight climate change!