Under the Dome: Freedom Caucus throws temper tantrum over majority rule; legislature debates making it illegal to be trans

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Welcome back to Under the Dome, your weekly update on the goings-on of the Missouri state legislature.

Freedom Caucus unsuccessfully filibusters in the Senate to end majority rule

On Thursday, the newly formed far-right faction of legislators, ironically dubbed the “Freedom Caucus,” attempted to pressure the State Senate into ending majority rule in the state.

The fighting started when Freedom Caucus members attempted to bypass regular Senate rules to pass legislation ending majority rule on initiative petitions. 25 Senators voted against the rule change, and the Freedom Caucus launched into a filibuster. After 11 hours of insults and threats, the Senate dismissed without taking action on any legislation.

At the end of the night, Senate President Caleb Rowden, a Republican from Columbia, said “This is unequivocally, without a doubt, the worst show of bad faith, or the biggest show of bad faith, I have ever seen in my life.”

Legislative committee hears bills that would make it almost impossible for trans people to exist

Last year, the Missouri legislature attacked trans kids, banning life saving gender-affirming health care. They’re poised to not only continue those attacks – but expand the target to adults.

This past Wednesday, a legislative committee debated seven bills attacking trans Missourians. Some bills would make the ban on gender-affirming care permanent, while others would bar adults from using certain restrooms. One bill would even ban definitions of gender that are contrary to definitions of biological sex, writing trans Missourians out of the law entirely. 

In a state with abysmally low teacher pay, one of the highest gun death rates in America and underfunded infrastructure, why are our elected officials prioritizing attacking trans people?