Under the Dome – January 26

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Welcome back to Under the Dome, your weekly update on the goings-on of the Missouri state legislature.

Voters stand up to politicians who threaten majority rule

​Missourians from across the state are pushing back against politicians who are trying to take away their rights. This week, legislators took up several bills that would weaken the initiative petition process, making it harder for voters’ voices to be heard and threatening the sacred “one person, one vote” principle.

​The IP process has been used throughout our state’s history to enact changes passed by voters, from prohibiting state officials from appointing relatives to office to expanding health care access. Submitted testimony this week shows Missourians support protecting the right to direct democracy by a 75:1 ratio.

Progress Missouri has made it easy for you to tell your legislator you will not be tricked into giving your rights away – more than 400 Missourians have already done so.

Governor boasts about taking away reproductive health care away in annual State of the State

Mike Parson opted to use his final State of the State Address to remind Missourians that those seeking abortions in the state – no matter the reason – have been left with little to no options.

​House Minority Leader Crystal Quade pointed out that Missourians will ultimately decide the future of reproductive health care.

“Where this speech fell flat is absolutely around women’s access to reproductive health care,” Quade said. “That is going to be on the ballot this fall. We’re very excited about that, and we know absolutely it is going to pass.”

See also: Missourians for Constitutional Freedom – a statewide coalition of organizations and concerned citizens working to establish the right to make decisions about our own reproductive health care – including abortion, birth control, and miscarriage care – without interference from out-of-touch politicians.

From ‘swamp creatures’ to duels

It wouldn’t be a week in Jefferson City without some noteworthy politicians melting down in public. Senate President Pro-Tem Caleb Rowden decided to strip Freedom Caucus members of their committee positions this week, calling the far-right extremists “swamp creatures.”

“The beginning of the 2024 legislative session in the Senate has been nothing short of an embarrassment,” Rowden said. “A chamber designed to be occupied with civil, principled statesmen and women has been overtaken by a small group of swamp creatures who, all too often, remind me more of my children than my colleagues.”Meanwhile, Missouri’s political infantilism snagged national headlines with Missouri Senator Nick Schroer’s proposal to allow senators to challenge each other to a duel.​

Don’t Let Them Get Away With It

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