It’s Almost Labor Day – Let’s Celebrate The Past And Look Toward The Future

Progress MO

This Labor Day weekend, families across Missouri will celebrate the working conditions afforded to us by labor movements – especially the 40-hour work week and safe and healthy workspaces.

But there’s still work to be done. In Missouri, only a slim majority (58%) of full-time employees are eligible for paid sick leave – and there’s a clear class divide on who has access.

Missourians who are paid more are more likely to have access to paid sick leave, but that just doesn’t make sense. All workers get sick, and so do their families. If managers and executives get paid sick leave, so should every single employee.

If you work hard, you shouldn’t have to worry about missing bills or losing your job because you get sick or need to take your kids to the doctor. But in Missouri, some workers face the choice between their livelihoods and their family’s health every day.

We can make life better for working families in Missouri. Over 135 countries and 14 U.S. states mandate paid sick days for workers. It’s time we add Missouri to the list.

While it’s important to celebrate the accomplishments we’ve made, the best way to celebrate our workers is by investing in their futures.