RELEASE: Sen. Josh Hawley Continues to Feign Concern for Missourians

May 1, 2024

Hawley fails to man up and bring solutions to the table, use his power to make the state better

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After nearly six years of representing Missourians in the United States Senate, Josh Hawley continues to ignore the needs and concerns of most Missouri families. Hawley’s biggest concern? Himself and how he looks.

Hawley regularly takes to Twitter to complain about the status of America’s crumbling infrastructure; however, on numerous occasions he has cast votes against funding projects to fix our roads and bridges. He even went so far as to refuse to request funds for Missouri-based projects.

So why does he bring up infrastructure? Because most Missourians want our roads and bridges fixed, and it’s easier for him to point out a problem than to accept blame for its existence.

“Senator Hawley only cares about Missourians and the things that impact us most when it will benefit him politically,” said Bill Thompson, of Stand Up KC and the Missouri Workers Center. “For years he has disparaged unions and called for a fight against public sector labor unions. But when most of the country stood alongside actors, writers, auto workers, and baristas, Hawley suddenly changed his tune.”

“Hawley has perfected the artform of flipping on an issue to gain publicity and maybe even a few votes,” says Liz McCune, Executive Director of Progress MO. “He constantly says one thing to Missourians and then goes back to his mansion in DC to do another. Missourians don’t need a leader who just jumps on bandwagons. We need a leader who will listen to what we say and stand up for us in Washington.”

Sen. Josh Hawley has raised his fist in support of many things in the past. It’s clear, the only thing Missourians can really trust Hawley to support is himself.