RELEASE: Massive bipartisan coalition of Missourians stops radical proposal to end 100 years of majority rule

May 17, 2024

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The people of Missouri came together with a united message this legislative session: asking politicians to stop their radical attack on the initiative petition process. After months of political infighting, tens of thousands of calls, emails, and meetings, plus an over fifty-hour filibuster, the Missouri House and Senate adjourned for the year without passing any changes to the process. 

“This is a huge victory for Missourians,” said Liz McCune, Executive Director of Progress MO. “The initiative petition process is an essential part of our democracy that allows voters to have a direct say in the policies and issues that matter to them most.”

The legislature attempted to pass multiple versions of their radical ideas at times requiring up to 75% approval from voters for a ballot measure to pass. 

This was not the first attempt by radical politicians to attack the initiative petition process. Progress MO will continue to combat all attempts to end majority rule and remove power from hardworking Missourians.