We’re Halfway Through Session – Here’s What Jeff City Politicians Have Done (And What They Have Not)

Progress MO

On Thursday, the Missouri legislature adjourned for their week-long spring break, marking the halfway point of 2023’s legislative session. What do we have to show for it?

Well, not much. After 37 days of back-and-forth, the legislature has fought a lot over issues that Missourians just don’t care about, and passed just one bill. Yeah – we’re serious.

So in case you need a reminder of what’s top of mind for the out-of-touch politicians we elected to represent us, here’s everything our electeds in Jeff City have done so far, and everything we’re still waiting on.

Fought Over Whether Missourians Deserve Birth Control

Radicals in the Missouri Senate have suggested that Medicaid recipients should not have access to birth control or other healthcare services provided by Planned Parenthood. This is the next step in a crusade to completely take over our bodies.

…But Haven’t Addressed Maternal Mortality Rates

While the Missouri Legislature is obsessed with your pregnant body, you’re on your own once the kid is born. Missouri has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the country, and since Missouri Republicans won’t put aside political infighting to expand Medicaid postpartum, things won’t get any better any time soon.

Given Guns To Kids and Criminals

One of the Legislature’s top priorities in the first half of session was guaranteeing toddlers and criminals could have access to guns. We’re not kidding.

…And Failed To Address Gun Violence In Schools And Neighborhoods Around The State

Children who survived school shootings called on the legislature to do something. A man was shot point-blank in the middle of the day. And the Missouri legislature is prioritizing arming kids and criminals over keeping families safe.

Tried To Ban Honest And Accurate Education For All Ages – Even In Medical Schools

Both chambers have considered laws banning talking about gay people in schools. Some legislators even want to stop students from K through medical school from learning accurate history about slavery and the Trail of Tears.

…But Didn’t Look Into The Real Issues Plaguing Schools, Like Teacher Shortages And 4-Day School Weeks

The fact is, Missouri parents trust teachers to teach their kids. Parents are far more concerned about the teacher shortages and 4-day school weeks that prevent their kids from learning. The legislature should instead focus on bringing in teachers and fully funding our schools to give kids the freedom to learn.

Came Up With A Dozen Ways To End Majority Rule

Many of the first few bills to pass the House were variations on the same concept: ending majority rule in Missouri. The legislature disagrees with Missouri voters about Medicaid expansion, marijuana legalization, and a liveable minimum wage, so they want to change the rules.

…And Hasn’t Come Up With A Stop-Gap Solution For Anti-Voter Fraud Organization

Right before spring break, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft pulled Missouri out of an interstate organization to help fight voter fraud. When the state government left for break, he hadn’t found a back-up solution. Missouri politicians should make sure our elections are free and fair, not taking power away from voters.

The Bottom Line

We send politicians to Jeff City to build a future that works for our families, not to fight political battles. Our leaders owe it to us to address the issues plaguing Missouri families. When our elected officials come back from spring break, they should prioritize helping Missourians, not culture wars.