Faux Patriotism

Graphic of Hawley shocked face with his mouth open, an American flag and the headline "Faux Patriotism"

Hawley’s famous phoniness stands out in votes against veterans

On Saturday, Nov. 11, Missourians around the state will honor those who fought to protect our freedoms right here at home.

But if Missourians really want to do their part and respect those who served our country, they should focus on getting Senator Josh Hawley out of office next year.

“Senator Hawley’s anti-veteran votes are just shameful, and he has no right to pretend he’s a friend of the Veterans’ community,” said John Hussey, a Navy Veteran of Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom who lives in St. Peters. “We’re talking about a guy who wanted to play politics and voted against vets who were exposed to toxic burn pits and Agent Orange. Then, on top of it, he supports an insurrection against the very Constitution that men and women like me put on the uniform to defend? He’s no patriot and he’s no friend of veterans.”

While Josh Hawley claims to stand with veterans and military personnel, his record is clear: on health care, jobs, housing and more, Hawley has voted time and time again against our troops.

Amid international turmoil, Hawley plays political games

As wars rage in the Middle East and Ukraine, Hawley is using his political capital to hold Army promotions hostage. The move reminded military personnel of Senator Tommy Tuberville’s similar temper tantrum, which Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin called “unprecedented,” “unnecessary,” and “unsafe.”

The power play isn’t new for Hawley, who got the boot from the Armed Services committee in February “as retribution for delaying the confirmation of numerous Defense Department nominees” in 2022.

Hawley voted against necessary care for veterans exposed to burn pits

Last year, Hawley voted down a bill that would provide medical treatment to veterans who were victims to toxic burn pits overseas. 

Open-air burn pits are large areas of land where the military burns all sorts of waste, including plastics, rubber, human waste, and toxic chemicals. Veterans exposed to burn pits can wind up with any number of medical conditions, including asthma, chronic sinus and throat conditions, and more than 14 types of cancer.

Hawley tried to defund Veterans Affairs, which would have affected 400,000 Missourians

In 2021, Hawley delayed a vote to continue funding the department of Veterans Affairs, which would have caused furloughs and reduced services for veterans across the country. 

Over 400,000 Missourians and their families could be affected if the VA had to reduce services. The VA offers vital services like medical care and prescription drugs, home loans, education and training, and job preparedness and employment.

Hawley’s a fraud – let’s make sure everyone knows it!

As Hawley prepares for next year’s election, he’s ramping up his efforts to fool Missourians into thinking he stands with them. He even visited striking union members on the picket line to feign support, even though labor unions say his record against workers is clear.

But using veterans as a political pawn is a step too far, even for Josh Hawley. They’ve risked their lives to uphold the same democracy Hawley tried to destroy. 

Hawley’s record is in black and white: he doesn’t care about veterans and he doesn’t care about our troops. We need to break through the noise of Hawley’s lies and make sure everyone knows the truth! Share our posts on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to spread the word!