WATCH: New ad highlights Hawley’s vote to block the right to birth control

Monday, July 1, 2024

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Progress MO released a new ad today to bring awareness to Senator Josh Hawley’s vote on the Right to Contraception Act in the U.S. Senate. The new ad, titled “Watch What They Do”, is part of an aggressive campaign to inform Missourians about the effort to attack common forms of birth control like IUDs, Plan B and condoms.

Last week, Missourians came together under a 20-foot inflatable IUD to share concerns about politicians attacking their right to access birth control and IVF. Missouri Senators Hawley and Schmitt are part of a concerted effort being funded by special interests and extremists to attack our rights and control our bodies – and they’re using the courts and legislative chambers to block our access to our reproductive rights.

Full Transcript “Watch What They Do”:

Republican politicians have come for our freedoms. Don’t believe it? Just watch….

Well, I did something nobody thought was possible. I got rid of Roe v Wade. 

A Republican senator has blocked the passage of a bill to protect access to in-vitro fertilization nationwide. 

They are on the road to banning birth control.

Senate Republicans just voted against our right to contraception.

Is your senator coming for your freedoms? Find out.

Progress MO encourages Missourians to call Senators Josh Hawley and Eric Schmitt to tell them to protect our right to plan our families.