RELEASE: Senator admits resolution is loaded with ‘ballot candy’

Monday, February 12, 2024

Politicians scheme to trick voters into giving away rights, end 100 years of majority rule

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman today admitted “There absolutely is ballot candy,” in SJR74, the politician’s proposal to end majority rule on constitutional amendments in Missouri.

Politicians began discussing the resolution that would dismantle democracy as Missourians have known it for over 100 years. SJR74, as currently constructed, would end majority rule in Missouri, potentially requiring more than 70% of a statewide vote for any constitutional amendment to pass.

“Everyone knows why this resolution is loaded with ballot candy,” said Liz McCune, Executive Director of Progress Missouri. “Missourians hate these plans to end majority rule. Politicians are going to try every trick they can to distract and confuse us from their real agenda.”

During the past several weeks, thousands of Missourians voiced their opposition to attacks on the initiative petition process, many pointing out that the process already in place gives Missourians the power to make decisions about policies that impact them and their families.

Missourians are urged to let their legislator know they oppose these efforts to trick Missourians into giving their rights away and making it harder for votes to count.